Julia in Glacier National Park

Hey there, I’m Julia!

My name is Julia Jennings. I’m a national park enthusiast living in the San Francisco Bay Area on a mission to see all 63 United States National Parks!

Life is busy and planning an outdoorsy national park trip can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why I created Well Planned Journey – to help busy people like you plan once-in-a-lifetime national park trips, without all the stress!

Here you’ll find national park itineraries, plus guides on the best places to stay, things to do, and what to pack for every trip.

Ready to start planning your national park trip?

I share posts on the US national parks designed to simplify your planning process. Have questions or thoughts? I can’t wait to help you!

Get to know me a bit better…

Julia in Joshua Tree
  1. If I had to describe myself in only one word, it would be planner. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt most confident on a new adventure, knowing I’d spent weeks and months crafting the perfect trip.
  2. I’ve visted 17 national parks so far, with another 7 on the agenda in 2022. My favorite parks to date are Glacier and Grand Teton.
  3. I studied engineering in school, but don’t really use my degree (sorry, Georgia Tech). Today, I work as an analyst in the tech world while sharing my adventures on Well Planned Journey part-time.
  4. My fiance, Evan, is my national park travel companion. Our first vacation together was to Redwood National Park. Evan is a spontaneous soul that balances out my Type A planner nature. He’s also a semi-professional photographer and you’ll see a lot of his work featured here.

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