Olympic National Park is expansive, covering nearly 1,500 square miles. In such a big park, where to stay in Olympic National Park can be crucial, potentially saving hours of driving per day.

This blog post covers where to stay when visiting Olympic National Park, including lodges and campgrounds inside the park, plus options outside the park.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or a more luxurious stay, this guide will help you find the perfect lodging option for your trip to Olympic National Park.

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Olympic National Park At-A-Glance

Before diving in, here are a few highlights to help you plan your trip:

  • Best Time to Visit: July to September is the best time to visit when all roads are open and rain is minimal. Higher elevation areas like Hurricane Ridge are typically only open from mid-June to October.
  • Where to Stay: The most conveniently located lodges in Olympic National Park are Lake Crescent Lodge and Kalaloch Lodge. If you want to stay outside the park, consider staying at the Olympic Lodge or the Woodlands Inn.
  • How to Get There: The closest airport is in Seattle, 2 to 3 hours away. Use Expedia to browse flights and find the best price.
  • How to Get Around: My favorite way to see Washington is by campervan. I had a fantastic experience renting a luxury campervan through Noma Vans on Outdoorsy. You can also easily get around by car. I recommend using Expedia to browse for deals.
  • Don’t Forget: Be sure to get an America the Beautiful National Park Pass ahead of time. This $80 pass is valid for 12 months and gets you into all 400+ national park sites (including all 3 Washington parks).

Overview of the Olympic National Park Regions

Olympic National Park is tucked away in the Pacific Northwest of the United States on the Olympic Peninsula. The Peninsula is directly west of Seattle, separated by water, a few islands, and smaller peninsulas. 

Before diving into exactly where to stay in Olympic National Park, let’s first go over the major regions of the park. Each area has unique features, and you’ll want to know which places to visit before booking your accommodation.

  • Hurricane Ridge is the heart of the Olympic’s alpine region, at around 6,800 feet. You’ll find hikes with panoramic mountain views and opportunities to spot Roosevelt elk and marmots.
  • Lake Crescent is the closest park region to Seattle, perfect for day trips. The hiking trails surrounding this glacially carved lake offer everything from temperate rainforests to mountain peaks to waterfalls.
Hurricane Hill Trail in Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park
Hurricane Ridge
View from Log Cabin Resort in Olympic National Park
Lake Crescent
  • The Pacific Coast serves as the western border of Olympic National Park, spanning more than 60 miles. This area offers incredible opportunities for catching the sunset and exploring the rough, rocky shorelines.
  • Hoh & Quinault Rainforests are two of the park’s more popular temperate rainforest regions. While both offer incredible mossy, tree-filled forests, Hoh Rainforest is more popular thanks to its central location. Instead, Quinault Rainforest provides a nice break from crowds.
  • The Staircase is the least visited area of Olympic National Park, located on the southeastern side of the Peninsula. This rugged, less-developed region offers beautiful mountainous hikes and quiet strolls along scenic rivers.
Sunset at Hole-in-the-Wall at Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park
Rialto Beach on the Pacific Coast
Bright green trees in Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park
Hoh Rain Forest

If you only have a few days in Olympic National Park, I’d recommend picking a few of these areas. Spend time visiting Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, the northern Pacific Coast, and Hoh Rain Forest.

If you have four or more days, I recommend visiting all five park regions. However, I’d recommend staying in at least three different places for your trip to avoid extra drive time.

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How to Decide Where to Stay in Olympic National Park

Now that you’ve decided what parts of Olympic National Park you want to visit, it’s time to choose where to stay. 

Rather than staying in one place for your entire trip to Olympic National Park, I recommend staying in multiple locations since the park is very spread out. 

It takes nearly two hours to get from Lake Crescent to the Hoh Rain Forest and almost three hours from Lake Crescent to the Staircase. If you were to drive the park’s entire loop, it would take 6 hours without stops.

Instead of staying in one place, you should move around as you explore different parts of the park. 

Take a look at the list of Olympic National Park activities you plan to do and determine where and how long to stay based on that list.

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Ruby Beach sunset in Olympic National Park
Ruby Beach

These are the best areas to stay near Olympic National Park, broken down by part of the park:

  • Hurricane Ridge: Port Angeles, located 30 minutes away, although you can find rental cabins near Lake Sutherland outside the small town.
  • Lake Crescent: Lake Crescent Lodge or Log Cabin Resort (both on the lake) or Port Angeles, located 45 minutes away
  • Sol Duc Valley: Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort or in Port Angeles, located 1 hour and 15 minutes away.
  • Northern Pacific Coast: Forks, located 20 minutes away from La Push and Rialto Beach and one hour from Ozette Lake
  • Hoh Rainforest: Forks, located one hour away
  • Southern Southern Coast: Kalaloch Lodge (on Kalaloch Beach) or in Forks, located 40 minutes from Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach
  • Lake Quinault: Lake Quinault Lodge (on the lake) or in Forks, located 1.5 hours away
  • The Staircase: Staircase Campground or in Hoodsport, located 30 minutes away

Most visitors choose to group their trip into two parts, skipping Lake Quinault and the Staircase:

  • Stay in one place to visit Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, and Sol Duc Valley.
  • Stay in a second place to visit the Pacific Coast and Hoh Rain Forest.

If you’re interested in camping, don’t miss this blog post on the Best Campgrounds in Olympic National Park.

Best Places to Stay in Olympic National Park by Region

Now that you’ve identified the areas of the park you want to visit and where you’ll stay while you’re there, it’s time to find your accommodation. 

Unlike many other national parks, Olympic National Park provides plentiful options for hotels and rentals near the park and lodges inside the park.

While there are plenty of options for places to stay outside the park, be sure to book several months in advance if visiting during the summer for the best availability.

This section breaks down the best places to stay in each part of the park, including lodges inside the park, campgrounds, hotels, and vacation rentals and cabins.

This interactive map can also help you search all the available hotels and rental properties near Olympic National Park! Simply scroll and click the map below to see what is available!

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Where to Near Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, and Sol Duc Valley

Port Angeles is the closest city to three of the more popular areas of Olympic National Park: Hurricane RidgeLake Crescent, and Sol Duc Valley

Staying here provides a single location to check off many of the best hikes in the Olympics, with nearby conveniences like restaurants, groceries, and gas.

Hurricane Hill Trail in Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park
Hurricane Ridge
Mount Storm King as seen from Lake Crescent's shoreline
Lake Crescent
Sol Duc Falls waterfall in Olympic National Park
Sol Duc Falls

Drive Time from Port Angeles to Popular Attractions:

  • Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center: 45 minutes
  • Lake Crescent Lodge: 35 minutes
  • Mount Storm King & Marymere Falls Trail: 30 minutes
  • Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort & Sol Duc Falls: 1 hour 10 minutes

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Best Hotels & Lodges Near Port Angeles

  • Lake Crescent Lodge is the nicest of the lodges inside Olympic National Park, sitting along the shores of scenic Lake Crescent. The lodge has hotel rooms, cabins, a dining room, a gift shop, and a bar.
  • Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is a rustic cabin resort in the Sol Duc Valley inside Olympic National Park. It is known for its hot springs pools, which are included as part of your stay at the resort.
  • Log Cabin Resort offers RV campsites and rustic cabins on the shores of Lake Crescent inside Olympic National Park, complete with an on-site restaurant and gift shop inside the lodge.
  • Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast in Port Angeles is a quaint bed and breakfast with views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, offering exceptional breakfast and spa-style suites.
  • Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles is a beautiful cozy lodge only a short distance from the city center, including an outdoor pool and fitness center.
Lake Crescent Lodge and lake in Olympic National Park
Lake Crescent Lodge

If you can’t find any hotels in Port Angeles, you can opt to stay in Sequim, located about 30 minutes further east, or Port Townsend. These are the top hotels in Sequim:

  • Juan de Fuca Cottages in Sequim offers ocean-view rooms, suites, and bungalows with fireplaces and patios for guests.
  • Holiday Inn Express in Sequim is a chain hotel boasting plenty of amenities like breakfast, a swimming pool, and a fitness center.
  • 7 Cedars Hotel & Casino in Sequim has an in-house casino, bar, and lounge boasting incredibly modern rooms

Best Vacation Rentals Near Port Angeles

  • Sleeping Raven Woodland Retreat near Hurricane Ridge sleeps six guests in the 2,000-square-foot cabin with three bedrooms with a full kitchen.
  • Hidden Haven Cottages in Port Angeles offers several cozy one-bedroom cottages close to Olympic National Park.
  • Lakefront Home on Lake Sutherland sleeps eight guests in this luxurious lakefront cabin with three bedrooms and four private bathrooms, featuring beautiful outdoor space and a fire pit.
  • Rustic Lakefront Cabin with Treehouse on Lake Sutherland sleeps six guests in the rustic 1950s home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • Peaceful Lake House on Lake Sutherland sleeps eight guests with three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the lakefront property, offering plenty of outdoor space, a dock, and a fire pit.
  • Chez ZigZag in downtown Port Angeles sleeps four guests in this upstairs two-bed / one-bath apartment with a kitchen and front terrace.
  • Cozy Cottage with Parklike Gardens in Port Angeles sleeps two guests in the quaint 440 square foot one-bed / bath cottage.
  • The Bluff House in the heart of Port Angeles sleeps six guests and boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms with waterfront views.

Best Campgrounds Near Port Angeles

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Where to Stay Near Hoh Rain Forest & the Pacific Coast

Forks is the perfect place to stay close to the La Push beaches, the Pacific Ocean Coast, and Hoh Rain Forest.

In addition, there is little development between Port Angeles and Forks, making Forks the best option for those looking to stock up on groceries, dine out, and fill up on gas.

While you can stay near Kalaloch Beach on the Southern Coast, there’s only a single lodge and two campgrounds making options very limited. If you don’t get a reservation here, a great place to stay is in Forks.

In addition to being an excellent gateway for the best things to do on the west side of Olympic National Park, Forks was also made famous from the Twilight books and movies.

Spruce Nature Trail in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park
Hoh Rain Forest
Second Beach in Olympic National Park
Second Beach in La Push
Waves at Rialto Beach sunset in Olympic National Park
Rialto Beach

Drive Time from Forks to Popular Attractions:

  • La Push Beaches: 20 minutes
  • Rialto Beach: 20 minutes
  • Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center & Hall of Mosses: 50 minutes
  • Ruby Beach: 35 minutes
  • Kalaloch Beach & Lodge: 40 minutes
  • Cape Flattery: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Ozette Lake: 1 hour 15 minutes

Best Hotels & Lodges near Forks

  • Kalaloch Lodge is inside Olympic National Park near Kalaloch Beach, with plenty of amenities, including an on-site restaurant, bar, gift shop, and excellent waterfront views.
  • Quillayute River Resort in Forks features one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites with views overlooking the Quillayute River close to Rialto Beach.
  • Pacific Inn Motel in Forks features clean, budget-friendly motel rooms close to restaurants in downtown Forks.
  • Woodland Inns in Forks has a dozen cabins with full kitchens, fireplaces, and private patios.
  • Misty Valley Inn in Forks is a bed and breakfast outside of town with five rooms offering a full breakfast daily.
Back patio of Kalaloch Lodge
Kalaloch Lodge

Best Vacation Rentals Near Forks

  • The Bogi Bear Inn in Forks is a one-bedroom cabin with a kitchenette, perfect for couples.
  • All Cedar Cabin sleeps four guests in the two-bedroom / one-bathroom home along the Sol Duc River, complete with a washer, dryer, and full kitchen.
  • Wild Duc Lodge sleeps ten guests in the five-bedroom / 4 bathroom home near Forks. Plus, this home is pet-friendly!
  • Tranquil Home in Forks sleeps eight guests in the rustic four-bedroom / two-bathroom home, offering plenty of outdoor space.
  • Hoh Valley Cabins, close to Hoh Rain Forest, offers newly built one-bedroom cabins with relaxing indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • Quiet Cabin near Hoh Rain Forest sleeps six guests in the rustic two-bedroom / one-bathroom cabin on a private 27 acres.

Best Campgrounds Near Forks

  • Mora Campground near Rialto Beach requires reservations from late May to mid-September and offers 94 tent and RV campsites.
  • Hoh Campground in Hoh Rain Forest requires reservations from late May to early September and has 72 tent and RV campsites.
  • Kalaloch Campground overlooks Kalaloch Beach along the southern coast and requires reservations from late May to mid-September. It has 170 tent and RV-friendly campsites.
  • South Beach Campground overlooking South Beach from a bluff offers 55 first-come, first-served tent and RV campsites.
  • Ozette Campground next to Lake Ozette is a small first-come, first-served campground that offers 15 tent and small RV campsites.
  • Bogachiel State Park offers a small campground near Hoh Rain Forest with 35 campsites which can be reserved via the state park website.

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Where to Stay Near Lake Quinault & Quinault Rain Forest

Many visitors skip Lake Quinault and the Quinault Rain Forest, especially if it’s their first visit to Olympic National Park. However, a trip to Lake Quinault can be perfect for those with more time in the park looking for a beautiful, quiet escape.

Staying in Lake Quinault is also an alternative to Forks when visiting the southern Pacific Coast, like Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach.

This area is a mix of privately owned land, Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, and Quinault Reservation land. This area has a lodge, several campgrounds, and rental cabins.

Trail in Quinault Rainforest in Olympic National Park
Quinault Rain Forest
Sunset view from Lake Quinault Lodge in Olympic National Park
Lake Quinault

Drive Time from Lake Quinault Lodge to Popular Attractions:

  • Lake Quinault: 0 minutes (located on the lake!)
  • Quinault Rain Forest: 2 minutes
  • Kalaloch Beach: 40 minutes
  • Enchanted Valley Trailhead: 50 minutes

Best Hotels & Lodges Near Lake Quinault

  • Lake Quinault Lodge offers stunning views of Lake Quinault with rustic lodge rooms, an indoor pool, a spectacular back lawn along the lake, and an on-site bar and restaurant.
  • Rain Forest Resort Village has various inn rooms and cabins with beautiful views of Lake Quinault and an on-site restaurant and bar.
Sunset at Lake Quinault Lodge

Best Vacation Rentals Near Lake Quinault

Best Campgrounds Near Lake Quinault

  • Graves Creek Campground in Quinault Rain Forest offers 30 tent-only campsites that are first-come, first-served.
  • Falls Creek Campground is a reservable campground in Olympic National Forest near Lake Quinault, offering 31 tent and small RV campsites.
  • Willaby Campground offers 21 reservable tent and small RV campsites in Olympic National Forest near Lake Quinault.
  • Campbell Tree Grove Campground is a first-come, first-served remote campground in Olympic National Forest, offering 21 tent-only campsites.

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Where to Stay Near the Staircase in Olympic National Park

As the least visited part of Olympic National Park, the Staircase region provides a unique, remote getaway. Unfortunately, the road to the Staircase area is only partially paved as you pass through national forest land. 

Once reaching the destination, all you’ll find here is a ranger station, a campground, and a few trailheads. 

The Staircase is remote, and the closest place to stay is in the nearby town of Hoodsport or at a rental cabin on Lake Cushman.

Staircase Rapids Loop in Olympic National Park
Staircase Rapids Loop

Drive Time from Hoodsport to Popular Attractions:

  • Staircase Rapids Loop: 30 minutes
  • Mount Ellinor Trailhead: 40 minutes

Best Hotels & Lodges Near the Staircase Region

  • The Waterfront at Potlatch in Shelton features rustic hotel rooms and apartments with waterfront views, about 40 minutes from the Staircase region.
  • Glen Ayr Resort in Hoodsport is a waterfront resort with cottages, townhomes, and hotel rooms 35 minutes outside the Staircase region.

Best Vacation Rentals Near the Staircase Region

Best Campgrounds Near the Staircase Region

  • Staircase Campground is the only campground in this region, offering 49 tent and RV campsites on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Stay in Olympic National Park

What is the best town to stay in when visiting Olympic National Park?

If you’re visiting Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, or Sol Duc Valley, stay in Port Angeles near Olympic National Park. If you’re visiting the Pacific Coast or Hoh Rain Forest, stay in Forks instead. 

Is it better to stay in Forks or Port Angeles?

Instead of staying in either Forks or Port Angeles, I recommend splitting your time between the two cities. For example, stay in Forks while visiting the Pacific Coast and Hoh Rain Forest. Then, Stay in Port Angeles while visiting Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge.

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay When Visiting Olympic National Park

Where to stay when visiting Olympic National Park depends on your Olympic National Park itinerary. I always recommend figuring out what you want to do before booking your accommodation.

Here’s a quick recap of the best places to stay for each Olympic National Park region:

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