Is visiting every USA national park on your bucket list? If so, you need a way to document your national park travels!

There’s no better way to track where you’ve been than with a national park scratch off map.

In this post, I’m covering 7 of the best national park scratch off maps with a full, honest review of the checklist maps and posters.

Plus, stick around until the end for a bonus, must-have scratch off and my absolute favorite frame for hanging my national park scratch off poster!

Ready to find the perfect scratch off national park map for you? Let’s dive in!

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Pop Chart National Park Scratch Off

Popchart national parks of the united states poster
Source: Pop Chart

Dimensions: 12” x 16”
Best For: Small spaces, like offices

Pop Chart is one of the biggest brands in the scratch off poster industry. They make a scratch off chart for just about everything, from must-read books to football stadiums to USA national parks!

This is the exact national park scratch off poster I have! I love it because it’s compact, lightweight, and still eye-catching. It even comes with a miniature national park map.

Unlike other maps, this one still has some color before it’s scratched off. The silver foiling covers the majority of the full-color image, leaving just a peek of what’s beneath.

The chart comes with two finishing options: print only or print + black frame. If you’re going for something more professional-looking (perhaps for your office), go for the framed option!

As one of the smaller posters on this list, this is the perfect option for those who want something for a small space, like an office.

The only downside of this map is that it only includes 62 national parks (the 63rd, New River Gorge, was added in January 2021). Let’s hope they update their offering soon!

Check prices now on Popchart.

Mappinners National Park Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 16” x 20”
Best For: People who’ve been to a few national parks already

Like Pop Chart, Mappinners offers a wide variety of prints, from foods of the world to US states. They even have multiple options for USA national park scratch offs (many on this list!).

Unlike the Pop Chart scratch off, this national park scratch off poster from Mappinners hides the image under thin gold foiling. Once you’ve visited the park, you can scratch off the foil to reveal the image.

The gold foiling is easy to scratch and the poster even comes with a scratching tool – the lid of the tube it comes in! They recommend that you use this included scratcher for the best results.

The watercolor images on the poster are absolutely stunning. One downside is that you can’t really enjoy the beauty of the images until the parks are scratched off, making the poster a bit boring at first.

If you’re new to the national parks, you’ll have a lot of images covered in gold!

I recommend this map for those that have already been to a handful of national parks and can go ahead and scratch off some images.

Another downside is that this map only includes 62 national parks (but hey, so do all the other ones on this list!).

Check out prices on the Mappinners National Park Poster on Amazon.

Mappinners Scratch Off National Park Map

Dimensions: 20″ x 16″
Best For: People totally new to the national parks

Remember how I said Mappinners made a lot of national park scratch off maps? Well here’s another! Unlike the one above, this scratch off comes in the form of a map!

The map covers the entire United States, with small arrowhead decals denoting each park. After visiting each park, you simply scratch off the small area of gold foiling with the included scratcher.

Like the other Mappinners poster, you’ll use the lid cap of the tube it comes in!

This map is perfect for those that haven’t been to many parks yet. Instead of uncovering an image on a poster, you scratch off a small green marker indicating where the park is on the map.

This helps you quickly see where you’ve been and keeps the map interesting even if you haven’t been to many parks yet.

The absolute best part of this map is that it doubles as a helpful tool to plan your national park trips!

At the bottom of the map, there are 5 recommended things to do in each park. Mappinners touts that this is the only national park map on Amazon to include this!

Like all the other maps on this list, it’s worth noting that this scratch off only includes 62 national parks for now.

Check prices of the Mappinners National Park Map on Amazon.

Jetsetter National Parks Scratch Off Map

Dimensions: 20” x 16″
Best For: Wall art that doubles as a scratch map

If you’re looking for a scratch off map that doubles as wall art, then the Jetsetter US National Parks Scratch Off Map is for you! This map features beautiful watercolors of the national parks.

Even better, each state is covered in foiling – this map doubles as a way to document the US states you’ve been to! Underneath the foiling, you’ll find a teal watercolor background.

You can choose your style by picking between silver foiling and gold foiling. Compared to other maps, this one has the best artistic aesthetic.

Like the scratch offs from Mappinners, this map includes its own scratching tool.

There are two major cons to this map though:

  • This map only includes 61 parks, so it’s more outdated than the others on this list (it’s missing White Sands and New River Gorge)
  • The scratching can be frustrating for those who aren’t delicate-handed (I’m definitely not!). It’s difficult to scratch off the state without accidentally scratching off the national parks too, or vice versa.

Check Jetsetter National Park Map prices on Etsy.

Jetsetter Mini National Parks Scratch Off Map

Dimensions: 11” x 8.5”
Best For: People who want a tabletop national park scratch off map

If you like the look of the Jetsetter Scratch Off map above, but don’t have space, worry not! They make a mini version of the exact same national park scratch map.

This is a great small gift for an exchange or friend’s birthday. The miniature version is 11”x 8.5”, perfect for a small tabletop frame on any desk or coffee table.

This map comes with the same scratch off tool as the larger size but is even harder to scratch off. You may have a difficult time scratching off the parks without scratching off other areas unintendedly.

Also like the bigger size, this miniature national park scratch off map only includes 61 national parks, last updated in early 2019.

Check prices on Jetsetter Miniature National Park Map on Etsy.

MassiveWanderlust Scratch Off National Parks Map

Dimensions: 24” x 16”
Best For: Giving as a gift to national park lovers

If you like the outdoorsy, topographic format of the Mappinners scratch off map, but want something a bit more personal, this is the map for you! This map from MassiveWanderlust lets you customize your map with your own title!

You can have any custom phrase inscribed on the map, perfect for making it more personal to your journey or creating a personalized gift!

This map also comes with more customization options than any of the others. You can choose from 7 available fonts and 2 different icon colors: rainbow or green.

Unlike the Jetsetter maps, this one is easy to scratch off without having to worry about scratching the map background. It even comes with its own small guitar pick for best results.

This is the biggest of the posters on this list, so it’s perfect for hanging in your living room!

Check prices for this map on Etsy.

US National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 17” x 24”
Best For: People who want to learn more about the national parks

The poster is new on the scene after fundraising on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. And there’s a reason it went viral there – it’s way more than a scratch off poster.

Yes, this post has a scratchable image for each park. In fact, it has the most vibrant, eye-catching watercolor images.

But the best part of this poster is that it also includes a card for each park, complete with a short description! This also gives you a sneak peek of the image you’ll uncover on the poster once you’ve visited that park.

The Newverest national park poster comes in both white and black. It also includes a guitar pick scratch tool and microfiber cloth to care for your poster.

Check National Park Poster prices on Amazon.

Bonus: Mappinners 100 National Park Hikes Scratch Off

Dimensions: 16” x 20”
Best For: Those Who Want to Expand Their National Park Bucket List

Are you looking for more national park adventures? If so, check out this scratch off checklist from Mappinners. It covers the 100 best national park hikes!

With similar gold foiling and watercolors to the other Mappinners posters, this map documents the best hikes instead of the parks.

Mappinners is the only company out there right now making a scratch off for national park hikes. This add-on is the perfect way to complement your national park scratch off map.

Check prices of the Mappinners National Park Hikes Poster on Amazon.

Best Frame For Your National Park Scratch Off Map

Now that you’ve found the perfect national park scratch off map or poster for you, it’s time for the perfect frame!

The best frame is a lightweight and accessible one. Hopefully, you’ll be visiting lots of parks and need to scratch off your map frequently!

Keep your map or poster easily accessible with a magnetic poster frame. It simply clips the poster between magnets at the top and bottom. No glass or boxy frame is necessary.

I love this one from Benija because it comes in tons of finishes (8 different options!) and has every dimension you could need!

I use this frame to hold my national park scratch off poster and it’s perfect! I don’t even have to remove the frame to scratch off the parks.

To find the right size for your poster, just match the frame width to the width of the top of the poster (the length of the poster doesn’t matter!).

Check prices of the Benija Magnetic Poster Frame on Amazon.

A Summary of the Best National Park Scratch Off Maps

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